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Financial Headaches?

Life has a habit of throwing curves ... and just when you don't need them. Whether you are facing Foreclosure, Repossessions, Garnishments, Tax Levy, Law Suits or even creditor harrasment, Bankruptcy can help ... but only if done right with proper strategizing.

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Stop the Constant Battle

Do your feel like you are in a constant battle between life's circumstances and the debt you have incurred as a result? Do your anxieties and concerns keep you from moving forward? Our bankruptcy laws are designed to stop the downward spiral. Get your journey back on a postive road once again.

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We offer a free in-office consultation. With 30 years of experience, we've seen it all and can effectively analyze and inform you of your options (whether under Federal Bankruptcy Laws or other possible avenues). Come find out what your options are. The best thing you can do for yourself is to discover what is available to relieve your financial headaches

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So Who Are We? And why are we different?

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See Why So Many Clients Have Used Our Services.

Changes in the bankruptcy laws in 2005 have made it a complex and constantly changing area of the law. Experience and expertise have become more important than ever. Inexperienced counsel (and non-attorney "services") have caused problems for many unsuspecting and innocent filers. Our firm offers the best combination of price, service and experience available. And we have for years!

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Our new office (just off I-25 and Colorado Boulevard) is designed with you in mind. No longer do you have to work your way through Downtown Denver and search for parking.We are easy to get to, (Click here for directions).

In addition, we are now one of the most technologically modern offices, allowing you to avoid unnecessary trips to the office, offering more online access to your case information, providing more concern for your privacy and confidentiality, and allowing us to provide the best service at a lower cost.





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