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Denver bankruptcy attorney Mark Henze encourages people who have legitimate concerns about their financial status to come to his office for an initial consultation at no charge.

During your free initial consultation, your attorney will go over your basic situation, including who you owe, what property you own, and what your concerns and desires are. You’ll also learn whether you have property that may be at risk or other issues that require special attention.   You can also get straightforward answers to all of your concerns regarding retention of homes, retention of cars, or tax issues such as owing taxes or the consequences of not having filed taxes.

Additionally, Mark will give you an overview of your bankruptcy options.  He can explain to you how, given your facts, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case may be best for you.   He will also let you know what is required to retain the firm's services to represent your bankruptcy case and what the payment arrangement would be.

If possible, you should bring the following information to your free initial meeting:

  • 1.  A basic list of who you owe and how much.
  • 2.  Information about your income.  (It is important to know what you have earned - gross income - over the past 6 months).
  • 3.  A basic list of your monthly expenses.
  • 4.  A copy of your most recently filed tax return.
  • 5.  If you have recently divorced, bring a copy of your final separation agreement.

 Either way, you have nothing to lose .  The initial consultation is free and the information will be valuable to you.  You can't take any steps to solve your financial problems until you get the information you need.   Give us a call today!

  For an initial consultation without charge, call Henze & Associates, P.C. at

(303) 830-2811

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