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Annual Credit


Auto Repossessions and Bankruptcy

Colorado Secretary of State


Common Questions

IRS Forms


Debt Collection and Bankruptcy

IRS Transcript Order



Public Trustee - Adams County


Garnishments and Bankruptcy

Public Trustee - Arapahoe County


History of Bankruptcy

Public Trustee - Broomfield County


Myths and Folklore About Bankruptcy

Public Trustee - Denver County


Taxes and Bankruptcy

Public Trustee - Douglas County


What is Chapter 7

Public Trustee - Jefferson County


What is Chapter 13

Zillow (Home Valuations)


Small Business Bankruptcy

(Available to Clients Only - Password Needed)


Application to Incur New Debt (13)


After Your Meeting of Creditors

Bankruptcy Worksheet


Complaints for Non-Dischargeability - I received one - What should I do?

Budget Worksheet


Dealing with HOA's in Bankruptcy

Business Information Worksheet


Dealing with Mortgage Companies

Change of Address Form


Dealing with Secured Creditors

Chapter 13 Disclosures


Dealing with Taxes in Chapter 13

Chapter 7 Disclosures


Foreclosure Timeline

Credit Counseling Class Information


Form IRS 1099-C - Debt Forgiveness - I got one from a creditor. What should I do?

Creditor Sheets


How to Make Chapter 13 Payments (Kiel)

Divorce Obligation Worksheet


How to Make Chapter 13 Payments (Zeman)

Documents Needed


Judgment Liens - Warning

Education Class Requirement


Modifying a Chapter 13 Plan

Firm Retainer Letter


Motion to Dismiss for Non-Payment - What should I do?

Income Worksheet


Motion for Relief from Stay - What should I do?

IRS Form 982 - To ignore debt forgiveness - Form 1099-C


Mortgage Lending Policies - How long after my bankruptcy or foreclosure can I reapply for a mortgage?

Meeting of Creditors Letter (13)


Mortgage Modification in Bankruptcy

Meeting of Creditors Letter (7)


My Obligations to the Chapter 7 Trustee

Notice of Intent to Cure


My Mortgage Company is not Reporting My Payments to the Credit Agencies - What can I do?

Payroll Order (Chapter 13)


Options if I get in Trouble with Payments (Chapter 13)

P & L Report Form


Purchasing a Car Prior to Filing

Residence Valuation Information


Reaffirmation Agreements

Sample Fee Agreement


Re-establishing Credit After Bankruptcy

Student Loan Disclosure


Renting After Filing a Bankruptcy Case

Taxes Owed Worksheet


Replacing a Lost Social Security Card



Replacing a Vehicle in a Chapter 13 Case



Selling a Home or Property While Your Case is Pending



Short Sales - Should I Consider?



Stripping a 2nd Mortgage (Chapter 13)



Surrendering an Asset (Home or Car)



Timeshares and Bankruptcy



Utility Information - What if I owe?



What Debts are NOT Discharged?



What if I Forgot to List a Debt?




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